• Annie

    The beginning inspiration for this pendant is a windswept Japanese maple tree, one of Annie’s favorites. Phil wanted Annie to have a special piece for her birthday, and wanted to involve her in the process. The ruby is the birthstone, and the agate behind the goldwork was chosen from a large slab, which we selected just the perfect placement for cutting the shape. Truly one of a kind, and a great collaboration between Annie, Phil, and Mary Elizabeth.

  • Ben and Catherine

    Ben and Katherine approached us with their special project, not sure how to proceed. They both had rings that needed replacement or work, but were very sentimentally attached to the original rings. Ben’s ring was too small, and the pattern had worn almost completely off. Katherine’s ring also had wear on the pattern, but the settings for her stones were so worn she was at risk of losing them. Instead of cutting Ben’s ring we opted to make a brand new band in the same style, but with a trefoil Celtic knot on the inside. To protect the detailing we made raised outer edges. On Katherine’s ring, she opted to replace the top section of the ring where the stones are set, and keep her original band. Lovely!

  • Betsy

    Betsy visited us over the summer, and wanted to have something special made. She loves Peridot, and we found just the right gemstone for her, along with a wonderful purple sapphire for accent. After playing around with some sketches, she went back to New York and the rest of the design process was done via email and snail mail. We took photos of the wax model, made the appropriate changes, and then sent the wax once we were sure it was close! The result? A custom made piece that was just the way she wanted it, even across the country!

  • Carrie and James

    His-and hers-designs. On James’, the dragon is encircling henge designs in a meandering Celtic pattern. James really wanted his ring to look like it was unearthed, found after years of being buried… We did a black antiquing in the recessed areas of his ring, as well as using a brush texture to give the patina of age. Carrie wanted her ring to look more new and shiny and slightly different as well as adding diamonds. The dragon’s tongue is holding one of the diamonds, while also featuring the meandering Celtic pattern. These rings are slightly different but definitely belong together!

  • Chelsea

    She lives in NYC, and had spent some time searching for the perfect sapphire there, where there are certainly no shortage of jewelry suppliers. She just couldn’t find the quality and the “right stone”, so she asked us if we could search for a sapphire for her. Luckily, we have great access to sapphires, direct from the owner of the mine and cutter himself, and we were able to not only find a better quality natural blue sapphire, but for less than the NY jewelers! The ring is a beautiful example of design, with restraint. Simple, classic, and really shows off the gems to their full potential.

  • Chris and Kim

    Chris had proposed to Kim using our opal necklace, which was received very well! When it came to their wedding bands, they knew they wanted us to make them. They used special diamonds from family pieces, as well as stunning opals that we helped them find. While we normally don’t advocate opals in wedding rings, but these opals are set below the surface of the gold and are very well protected. Chris and Kim have also promised to take the rings off during heavy duty activities such as rock climbing, gardening, heavy chores, etc… Well protected, opals are great in a ring because they move and you can see the myriad colors in the stones!

  • Chris and Ying

    Chris and Ying met and fell in love at college in Texas, and wanted their rings to reflect that special time in their lives. The bluebonnet was a special part of their memories of Texas, and we were able emulate the look of the flowers on the side of the ring. They really wanted their ring to be sculptural and interesting from all angles, and after several wax models trying out different ideas we created this lovely small work of art! Chris and Ying also had our first-ever Skype casting party! Chris and Ying brought their friend and their parents via the magic of technology! And…even the dog joined in on the fun! Gotta love our modern world! Even though they were both involved in the design and casting, Ying didn’t know when Chris was going to give it to her! And…she said, “Yes”! (Was there any doubt?)

  • Christina D.

    This pendant used diamonds from a family heirloom ring. Sitting in a drawer, unused and unappreciated, Christina decided to make something that would get worn and loved. Created in platinum, this pendant really shows off the beautiful pear shaped diamond, nearly 2 carats. Out of the drawer and onto the neck!

  • Claire

    Claire had a nice amethyst pendant, but it was not her style… The stone, while pretty, was not really being shown off to its full advantage, and the diamonds disappeared in the white gold setting. Claire wanted a ring, something unique and suitable to be worn every day. The result is pretty, modern, unique, and really shows off all the stones!

  • Colleen

    This lovely ring in platinum was a great use of the customer’s grandmother’s stones that were handed down to her. She loved art deco styling, and wanted the diamonds to go vertically down the finger, with milgrain detail and geometric shapes. Truly a very striking design!

  • Deb and Jutta

    Deb and Jutta came to us looking for special wedding bands that had a unique meaningful style as well as some hidden messages. Created in 18k white and yellow gold, and 14k rose gold, the rings really show off the diamonds from family! Deb and Jutta were both such a joy to work with, and we are so glad we were able to come up with special rings that were perfect for them!

  • Dragon

    One of Cindi’s many talents, carving amazing dragons. This dragon is holding a beautiful south sea pearl, and is a tie/ coat pin. He is a work of art that must be seen to be truly appreciated! One of the neat features of this pin is that the pearl turns on its axis, giving the wearer the opportunity to “play” with the pearl as well! The south sea pearl is naturally textured, known as a baroque pearl, and is highly unusual.

  • Edith (or the stock ring that never saw the showcase!)

    Mary Elizabeth found these lovely french cut blue sapphires, and knew immediately that she wanted to make a ring with them. We also had a lovely 1/2 carat lighthouse cut diamond that was just begging to be put into a ring as well. The combination of interesting cut gems in a modern unique setting was a lot of fun to play with! When two of our lovely customers from Texas were here, we were showing off different projects we had in the works, and this was one of them. They loved it so much that they bought it, even before it was completed! We adjusted the size and finished it up, and even though it never got to grace our showcases, it was a pleasure to make!

  • Edith and Arthur

    This custom designed necklace is created in platinum and features lovely vivid yellow and white diamonds. Her favorite flower is the Orchid, and we wanted to make a piece that showcased the flowers and the diamonds. We sourced the brilliant fancy yellow diamonds and designed this piece around the beautiful stones, in a stunning piece that is truly unique!

  • Elan

    Elan came to us looking for a gift for her boyfriend. We designed lovely pendant that features an Acacia tree, and underneath the gold is a lovely piece of black jade that is set from behind. It was to be a birthday gift, and Elan had in her mind that she wanted something special for him when she came in to the shop. She knew she wanted it to be dog-tag sized and featuring the Acacia tree, so we drew up some sketches and went from there. Simply stunning!

  • Fred and Todd

    Fred and Todd really wanted to use their birthstones in their wedding bands, which are opal and blue zircon. Both gemstones are fragile and aren’t something we advocate in a ring to be worn every day, but both Fred and Todd are very careful with their rings and are sure to remove them when doing dishes, gardening, working out etc.. We set Fred’s ring with two matching blue zircons and an opal, and Todd’s ring has the two opals (his birthstone). The result is rings that clearly go together, but don’t match exactly.

  • Janet and Patty

    Janet and Patty approached us because they wanted Sapphire rainbow wedding bands, but of a higher quality than they had been seeing. The ability to design the rings, pick the sapphires, and participate in holding the torch made their decision easy. Celebrating their legal wedding last weekend, and Janet’s birthday as well, they are a truly delightful couple that deserves to celebrate! Patty’s ring was all round sapphires, two rainbow sets. Janet, because she is a fire marshall and works with her hands, opted to have her sapphire rainbow just go around the top and be a bit larger. And yep, another Goldmine first- we can proudly say that a Fire Marshall held the torch here at Goldmine!!!

  • Jess and Tony

    Tony and Jessica came in to design an engagement ring for Jessica to wear. It was based on a plumeria flower, and a traditional lei patterning down the sides of the ring. Delicate and beautiful, this ring plays with texture and shape in a lovely fashion. They both were involved in the process of making the ring and looking at wax models, and the casting. However Tony picked up the ring and then surprised Jessica with the finished product!

  • Jimmy

    Jimmy, whose family has made pieces with us for years, collaborated with his sister to help find the perfect wedding day present for his fiancee. They loved the celtic trefoil knot with a wedding band intertwined in the knot, and all that it symbolizes. The gems are the birthstones of Jimmy and his fiancée, as well as an aquamarine for their March wedding. It was a hit and we are so glad to be the go-to jeweler for their family!

  • Joan

    This art-deco inspired ring used diamonds that Joan brought in from her grandmother. Created in platinum, this ring will last for decades more and become a new family heirloom. Once we came up with a design she liked, we started carving the wax model and played with different iterations until we got the design just right! Lovely, timeless and detailed, this ring is gorgeous!

  • Judy H.

    Judy has been a long time customer and fan of Cindi’s amazing carvings. She and Cindi have collaborated on many a cool ring, and this one is no exception! Judy is a photographer, and loves the Christmas season, even though she works through the month of December as a Santa photographer with kids. To reward herself she often commissions a special piece celebrating that year’s Christmas season. This bear is such a special ring, with purple diamonds on the scarf, snowflakes on the shank, and cognac diamonds for eyes. The ring is large, but that is just the way Judy likes them, more of a sculpture and a unique work of art! Crafted to the finest detail, down to the pads on the feet, this bear is charming and sweet!

  • Kristina and Jille

    Jille and Kristina came to us looking for wedding rings for their upcoming nuptials. Kristina had a beautiful sapphire in a ring, and wanted to use it in a new platinum setting. We carved a few waxes with some different choices of setting styles, and decided on a simple halo style ring on a wider band, with the sapphire being the centerpiece. On Jille’s ring, she wanted a blue sapphire to match Kristina’s, but she wanted a smaller stone and set lower. We also played with several wax models before deciding on the final design in platinum. The results are two perfect rings that coordinate and suit Jille and Kristina’s personality!

  • Lisa and Neil

    Lisa and Neil are both rockhounds, collectors, and beachcombers… Recently they purchased a lot (bucket) of gravel from a company in Montana specializing in sapphires, and boy did they hit the jackpot! They found a 6 carat rough stone, the they then had cut into this beautiful 2.35 carat brilliant blue sapphire! They really wanted a special setting in platinum to go with their newest find, and wanted a lotus blossom incorporated into the setting. After playing with a few wax model iterations, we finalized this double tiered lotus blossom design with vines and leaves with beautiful little accent diamonds. The setting and the stone combine to make an amazing ring with special memories!

  • Luke and Lindsay

    Luke came to us looking for a surprise engagement ring. They love to play in the snow, and Luke knew that Lindsay really likes grey diamonds. First we brought in some beautiful faceted grey diamonds, and Luke picked this one, which was a nice balance between size and a neutral grey color. We then got in matching side diamonds, and then set about carving waxes for this ring.
    Snow plays a major part in their relationship, and we wanted to do something special to incorporate that into the ring, so we made a secret hidden snowflake inside the ring. In a bright enough light, you can see the shadow of the snowflake through the diamond, and it is really quite cool! (pun intended!)

  • Matt and Karyn

    Matt and Karyn are moving to the east coast, and wanted to take Seattle with them on their rings. They both contributed to the list of what they love about seattle: Houseboats, float planes, Space needle, Mount Ranier, the downtown buildings, ferryboats, and their love of rowing. We even used two gorgeous emeralds for the “emerald city.”

  • Milly

    Milly wanted to use her black pearls and diamonds to create a pair of show-stopping earrings! After playing around with different designs and ideas, we finally settled on this long dangle earring with Art-Deco inspired engraving. We created a ring last year, and these earrings are part of the ensemble. In the ring, there were two little blue sapphire accents, and Milly wanted to bring the blue into the earrings as well. Classic and timeless, these earrings are simply gorgeous!

  • Monica and Evan

    Evan and Monica had a lovely 1/2 carat diamond that they wanted made into an engagement ring. Using Celtic symbols to depict Evan’s heritage, and a Lotus blossom to symbolize her Cambodian ancestry, the ring is really a perfect union! Created in 18k white gold, the ring really sparkles and is so special. Congratulations Evan and Monica!!!

  • Ms. Michael

    Ms. Michael approached us for a unique engagement ring with a rough cut diamond center stone, and surrounded by full cut brilliant diamonds. We found a wonderful center diamond for her, and it is just a lovely example of an unusual color and a rose cut! Diamonds like these are just as strong and long lasting as a typical diamond, and really have look that is different than most. John’s ring has texture in the center to coordinate with the texture we used on Michael’s ring. Lovely!!

  • Nia and Jason

    Nia and Jason brought their sapphires in with some ideas on wedding rings. These rings are a perfect example of the custom design process, as the first ideas that were discussed were not exactly what we ended up with. We carved a few sets of wax models, and did some work on them while Nia and Jason were here, and during that time the rings came alive!
    Not only were the rings lovely, so were this amazing couple!

  • Oval diamond

    This lovely ring, designed by Cindi, is beautiful from every angle, and shows the oval diamond so well. Flush set side diamonds accent the center stone, all set in 18k white gold. The ring is sculptural in nature, evoking the idea of ribbon or a mobius strip, while stillsecurely holding the center stone. This ring is stunning from every angle!

  • Patsy

    Using the customer’s stones, we were able to transform a ring from her grandmother into something that is truly unique, artistic, and her! She came in with photos of bracelets that she really liked, with multiple textures and angles. She really liked the idea of balanced asymmetry as well as different setting styles to really show off the diamonds. We used 18k yellow gold and platinum to show off the diamonds and give a unique and interesting sculptural work of wearable art!

  • Poonam and Jerry

    In Jerry’s words: “I had just decided to take a job in another city, and the idea of leaving Seattle, the city we loved and where me met, was still sinking in. It didn’t take long for us to decide to have the skyline of Seattle etched on the ring. As we were deciding how to cut a wave through the city, something about it kept distracting me, until I realized what it was. We were on the same block where, years before on a tentative first date, we had stared at the Geochron and its curved arc of sunlight grazing over a map. From there, it was easy: the wave would mark the time of day, so we positioned the wave over the Seattle Center, and under downtown and the Market where we’d watched the daylight ease away. Day and night.”

  • Robin and Sue

    Robin and Sue wanted a special diamond engagement ring for Robin to wear. They selected a beautiful “lighthouse” cut diamond which is like a traditional emerald cut but with facets across the top of the diamond like a lighthouse prism. With a couple of well placed princess cut diamond accents and milgrain, the ring is a stunning piece of art! Congratulations Robin and Sue!

  • Ruby Stock ring

    This is a phenomenal ring, with a beautiful unique modified cushion cut center ruby and baguette diamonds set in rose gold. Architectural and striking, this ring is all about the stones taking center stage! The center ruby is a lovely size at 1.39 carats, and the side diamonds total over 1/2 carat. Beautiful!!!

  • Sharon

    Sharon came to us with a specific idea of a pendant for herself. She wanted the post horn from the book “The Crying of Lot 49, and the horn is called a Trystero. The book had a lot of meaning for her, and she and Cindi fashioned this necklace to emulate the vision Sharon had of the horn. We first made it shiny in 18k white gold, and then when Sharon came in to pick it up we played with texture and black rhodium plating to give it the final look. Very beautiful!

  • Stephen and Dawn

    Stephen and his fiancee Dawn visited our store last summer, and fell in love with our process and designs. They are living in two different states right now, so designing a ring was tricky but certainly not impossible! Thank goodness for email and snail mail!

    They selected a lovely color change purple/blue sapphire in San Francisco, and mailed it up to us for the design. Stephen had a pretty good idea of what he wanted, but of course we had to make it work with her finger size, and her accompanying band which she had already. We made some “quick and dirty” waxes to mock up the overall shape, which really helps us answer some questions, and then we narrowed in on the shape you see here.

  • Steve and Helene

    Steve and Helene came to us in search of wedding bands that represented their journey together. They have traveled the world and told us that their fondest memories came from sitting on various beaches and sifting through the rocks and treasures by the oceanside. Helene had many pieces of jewelry from her past, with lots of diamonds to use as precious “pebbles” in the ring. We found 2 amazing center sapphires for them. Helene’s sapphire mimics the color of tanzanite, but with the durability of the sapphire. Steve’s sapphire is from Montana, and has a lovely steely blue/ grey color. Why are there feet on these rings? Steve and Helene have a tradition of taking photos of their feet everywhere they go.

  • Stock cushion cut sapphire ring

    This lovely platinum ring features a cushion cut natural unheated sapphire from Sri Lanka and nearly 1/2 carat in white diamonds. Set in an architectural ring where the sapphire takes center stage, this ring is stunning and unique! Ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds, and recycled platinum makes this ring guilt-free as well!

  • Stock Klimt ring

    This amazing ring was dreamt up by Cindi, who is a long time fan of the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. We had a brilliant cushion cut sapphire from Sri Lanka that we wanted to showcase in a platinum ring. The stone is accented with round white diamonds as well as some blue sapphires. The amazing part is the beautiful hand engraving done by Colin Skelly, inspired by the artwork of Klimt. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind work of art!

  • Stock sculptural sapphire ring

    This is a brand spanking new ring created in platinum with a 1.64 carat genuine sapphire. The ring has an organic quality, with lots of interesting angles and areas. The sapphire is one of the lovely gems from our dealer who works with sapphires from his mine in Sri Lanka. We are able to get amazing sapphires from him for unbeatable pricing. This ring is something to be seen!

  • Tamara

    Tamara and her 3 sisters came to us looking for a special birthday gift for their mother’s birthday. Their mother loves birds, and the sisters wanted to use birds in the design somehow. We created this design, with 4 birds, each flying out from the central sapphire (the mother’s birthstone) that is peach in color (their father’s favorite color). The stone background is agate, from a piece of agate given as a gift years ago to Tamara. Accenting the piece are jasper beads.

  • Thomas and Emerald

    Emerald was interested in sapphire for its durability and beauty, but she really wanted something that was a different shade. We found this amazing sapphire from our Sri Lanka supplier, in a lovely warm root beer color. She opted for rose gold as well, because it works well with her skin tone and the gemstone she selected.
    Thomas wanted his ring to look “inside out” meaning the inside has the gem (an Emerald- awwww..) and with a rose gold stripe. Because he is in the military, he needed something durable however on the outside. We chose titanium with a pre-distressed finish, and making the inside shiny with a stripe of inlaid rose gold and a beautiful emerald.

  • Tom and Qui

    Tom commissioned us to make a special engagement ring for his girlfriend. He had a diamond from family, and he wanted to set the pear shaped stone in a unique fashion. He knew he wanted it to be asymmetrical yet balanced, with an area of pave set diamonds. We played around with several waxes, carving and sculpting until we got it right! Tom even had a hand in one of the wax models to describe some of the nuances of what he was after. As an architect, he had some great ideas and together we created this unusual and beautiful small work of art! Of course she said “YES!” and were back in within a week or so to start talking about bands!

  • Tony and Jeffrey

    Tony and Jeffrey came to us for wedding bands. Wanting them to represent their lives together, and their shared interests, they brought us a pile of awesome source material. Photos, picture frames they liked, a blinge-d out cuff link, stationary, constellations, and paintings were all inspirations for these rings. Mostly the same, with a few unique touches on each ring, they are a celebration of Tony and Jeffrey’s relationship. Their dog, Manny, is represented on the inside of the ring, with a paw print taken from Manny’s actual paw! What a pleasure to get to work with these guys, and I had such fun making these rings!

  • Trina and Libby

    Trina wanted a special engagement ring to present to her sweetie, something simple, classic, but unique as well. She also really wanted to have her fingerprint inside the ring, which we were able to do by scanning and carving the fingerprint into the wax. Trina chose from several beautiful diamonds, and then we created this simple and beautiful solitaire style ring. And…
    Once the proposal was accepted, Trina and Libby came in for bands. Trina really wanted a wider band with Libby’s fingerprint inside of her ring. She picked out a lovely hammered type texture and the end result is a lovely look! Libby played with several ideas with her band, and decided to do a simple band with a small notch for the center diamond bezel. The slim band that really shows off the set nicely!

  • Vivian and Que

    Vivian and Que wanted coordinating engagement rings and bands, and wanted the bands to create a “whole ring” look after the ceremony. They knew that they wanted the 7 stone spectrum rainbow, and something personal. We played with design and stone layout, tweaking a bit here and there, and adding the very personal touch of their fingerprints on each others ring. It makes for a very personal touch, while staying a subtle design background adding texture to these rings. What a cool way to do the rainbow rings and the versatility of the engagement ring and bands!

  • Wade

    Wade came to us for a mother’s day pendant. He had a pretty clear idea of the design, and had been collecting the gemstones for a while in preparation of this pendant. This is a mother’s day piece, with the birthstones of Wade and his wife as well as their two children, but it also represents a story that has meaning to them. After playing with the original design in wax, and then making adjustments to the design, this was the final beautiful outcome! Happy mothers day indeed!

  • Watt

    Created as a gift for Watt’s sweetie, who is operating a Chimpanzee rescue organization in Africa. The design is their logo, translated into the simple gold pendant that has a very nice understated look.

  • Wendy and John

    Wendy and John have semi-matching rings, using a special design unique to them. Wendy came in with sketches, where she had been playing with their initials W and J. These rings incorporate their initials in a unique and artistic way. Wendy and John were a true delight to work with, and such a pleasure to meet!

  • William and Amy

    William and Amy brought us their Tanzanites to create a pair of earrings and a necklace with. Set in 18k white gold, the designs showcase the unique and lovely beauty of the Tanzanites as well as goldwork that is interesting and unique. The style is evocative of ribbons, and soft sculptural elements combined with a clean and wearable look!

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