May Gem Show and Sale!

Our annual Twice a Year Gem Sale is bigger and better this year! Not only are all of our gems in stock 20% for the entire month of May… We…read more

Our Covid-19 protocols, hours and more!

Our Covid-19 protocols are strong! One of the lucky things about the shop is that we are small, and able to clean and control our environment. What does that look…read more

We are OPEN!

WE MISS YOU! Downtown Seattle and the Pike Place Market are starting to pick back up again, and we are getting back in the swing of things.  We would love…read more

Video Portfolio

Like us? Love us? Want to show us the love? Here’s how!

We love our customers, whether they are from the neighborhood or all the way across the world!  We have treasured every minute, month, and year (23 of them)!!! helping our…read more

Expectations vs. Reality, or why pretty jewelry is better than a pretty picture

  It happens all the time, we have high expectations and then reality sets in.  We order that amazing coat from the catalog, and it arrives too small, not vibrant,…read more

Mining for sun in Tanzania!

Recently we had a lovely visit from Diana, who is the owner of over 15 mines in Tanzania on the Eastern part of Africa.  Our gem dealer Mathew Kasanga and…read more

One Stop Shopping… Or hinting….

We have been busy elves here at Goldmine!   Today I added 24 new images of items for sale to our comprehensive Facebook photo album.  This is a great way to…read more

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a piece of jewelry truly custom made from scratch? And what is this “casting party” all about?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a piece of jewelry custom made?  Not just “customized” but start from scratch, truly one of a kind custom?…read more

Heather’s ring remodel, transforming an heirloom old gold ring into something new!

Heather came to us looking for solutions to an heirloom ring that had been passed down through many generations and was now hers. The ring had been given to the…read more