May Gem Show and Sale!

Our annual Twice a Year Gem Sale is bigger and better this year! Not only are all of our gems in stock 20% for the entire month of May

We are also having a Gem Show with unique treasures from our favorite and long time vendors from all over the world!

And all at 20% off!

Our gemstone vendors have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Often they travel the country showing their gems to jewelers as well as loaning gems for specific calls. They also showcase their gems at both small and large gem shows, all of which have been cancelled until at least fall of this year.

We LOVE our vendors, all small businesses, many women owned like ourselves. They are the backbone of our industry, and our direct line to ethically sourced gemstones from all around the world. They are part of the Goldmine Family.
Our May gem sale this year will feature a unique sampling of gems from our gemstone vendors that we have worked with for years. They are sending us one-of-a-kind treasures that you won’t see anywhere else!
We will still be showing our “in stock” gems as well. All at 20% off!

Just some of the new treasures!

3 ways to shop!!!

in person, online (limited selection) or via video!

Call 206-622-3333, text us at 206-290-3429, or email to arrange a viewing!

We can also meet via Zoom, Facetime, or Messenger (Facebook Messenger only on Tuesdays or Wednesdays).

20% off is only for gemstones in stock and ones brought in for the gem show. Not included are memo’d (borrowed) gems for custom design or gems previously selected. May 1-31st only.