Like us? Love us? Want to show us the love? Here’s how!


We love our customers, whether they are from the neighborhood or all the way across the world!  We have treasured every minute, month, and year (23 of them)!!! helping our customers select and create unique pieces of art that fully represent them!

If you would like to show us some love back, now would be a great time, and we have a couple of ways you can do so!

  1.  Vote for us!  Once again we are happy to be nominated for the King 5 Best of Western Washington contest!  We have placed in the top 5 for 6 years running, beating out big fish such as The Shane Company and Blue Nile, which makes us unbelievably proud!!  How do we do this?  YOU!!!  Our lovely customers have voted for us!  This year the contest has changed slightly, the original company that was running the competition (City Voter) is no longer doing the King 5 BOWW contest, they are doing a “Seattle A List”.  We’ve decided we love the intent of the original King 5 contest, and their philosophy of showcasing truly local businesses and not chain stores.  They have scaled down the contest this year and stripped it back to the original roots, but to make it exciting, Car Pros is giving away a car to one lucky winner!  So you could win a car and support a real small local business!  Here’s the link, find us under Wedding Bands:


2.   Leave us a review on Yelp!  We have wonderful reviews, but not very many!  We would love it if you would leave us a review so that more prospective customers will feel comfortable shopping with us!  Follow the link and consider sharing your opinion about us!