Ever wonder what it’s like to have a piece of jewelry truly custom made from scratch? And what is this “casting party” all about?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a piece of jewelry custom made?  Not just “customized” but start from scratch, truly one of a kind custom?

To start with, we encourage our customers to come up with symbols and concepts that are personal and unique to them.  This can take many forms, from sculpture, art, poetry, travel, favorite architecture, hobbies, how you met, and family heritage just to name a few…  We take all of those ideas and let them gel into something that is really unique.  Rather than trying to “customize” parts and pieces together, we build each piece from scratch allowing the process to work in an often serendipitous way.

We create as many wax models as it takes to get the idea just right.  There are no extra charges for multiple waxes, because we encourage the customers to express themselves and for us to get it right.  Every iteration of the wax model brings us closer to the perfect unique piece of jewelry!  Whether it is perfect on the first try, or takes 20 waxes, we always get there, and the fun is in the exploration of ideas.  Wax sessions are often scheduled weekly or more often if necessary, if our customer lives close by.  If not, we send high quality multi-angled photos of the wax model via email.  We will snail-mail the final waxes to make 100% sure it is just right before going into the metal.  During a wax session we may have you look over our shoulder as we execute discussed changes.

Lars wax 1 copyTom B wax 10 copyShannon: Lyle wax 7 copy


Once we have the wax model just right, we then cast the piece here at the shop.  Because casting is one of the most immediate and exciting parts of jewelry making, we like to share it with you in the form of a casting party!  You bring friends and family, the more the merrier, and something to drink.  We bring in snacks from the market, and we throw a party celebrating the creation of something unique and one of a kind.  We hand the torch over to our customers (with safety in mind of course) and you get to see the molten gold as it goes into your ring!  The best part is you get to see the ring right away, in gold and share it with your people!

2013-02-17 17.50.48 copySharyl and Warwick casting party 3 copyRing Casting party 076 copy

Gina:Mike casting 2 copy 22013_01040023 copyLena and Alice casting 4 copy

Once we’ve cast the rings, it is then up to us to do the polishing and stone setting as well as any engraving.  Not only are Cindi and Mary Elizabeth accomplished goldsmiths, we also have excellent relationships with top hand engravers, laser welders, and experts in alternative metals as well.  This means that anything we can dream up, we can create!

We also take care of the appraisal service with our local appraisers Alan Chappron and Larry Azos.   This way you are ready to insure the ring and wear it with peace of mind.  This full service approach is important to us, as we really care about each piece we make and want the whole experience to be fun and memorable!

Of course every piece is different, but we want all of our customers to have the same wonderful experience creating unique and special jewelry with us!


In our own customer’s words, ripped from the testimonial pages from King 5 Evening magazine’s best of western Washington:

“We loved our experience working with Cindi at Goldmine to make our wedding rings. She was supportive of our ideas, budget, and… thoroughly engaged us in the ring making process. We were able to cast our wedding rings at a little party with our parents which was deliciously enhanced by Goldmine hospitality – cheese, olives, salami, and wonderful bread! It was a warm, lovely treat on a cold December afternoon in Seattle and an exceptional experience to share with our families. We also reset my engagement ring with Cindi, taking the prongs from the original ring and resetting them with a band to match my wedding ring – it came out beautifully and Cindi contributed perfectly to a ring which now has four generations of alterations! In preparing for our wedding, Cindi was one of several people with whom we loved working and whose craftsmanship and passion for what she does blessed our wedding – and daily gets shown off in our beautiful wedding rings!”  Anna

“I never felt pressured with any decision. They were very open minded to my ideas and helped guide me to some decisions with their technical expertise. The final product was a beautiful custom wedding ring for my wife that will never be duplicated!”  Jason B

“I love they way they take all the time in the world to get the design just right.”  Jan B.