Heather’s ring remodel, transforming an heirloom old gold ring into something new!

Heather came to us looking for solutions to an heirloom ring that had been passed down through many generations and was now hers. The ring had been given to the eldest boy, and she was looking for a way to honor the ring, but transform it into something different for her, since she is an only child and not a boy!
Her initials are also different, but she really didn’t want to scrap the old ring.

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Mary Elizabeth suggested using the old ring, but cutting it into different sections and utilizing those sections in ways that would integrate into a new design, but that would also protect and honor the old. We opted to keep the monogram styling the same as the old ring, as well as using the old diamond. We decided to use the shank (the part that goes around the finger) to make “stripes” that would go on either side of the new top. We also added her birthstone to the ring as well. To preserve the top of the old ring, which was getting quite worn, we decided to cut it out and solder it into the inside of the back of the ring. This way it is preserved and can’t be exposed to wear anymore, preserving it for years to come.

We carved several waxes to be sure this is what we wanted to do, before cutting into her original ring.

wm Heather T ring remodel process 1

Once we liked the ring design, we cast the ring, and began separating out the parts of the old ring.wm Heather T ring remodel process 6 wm Heather T ring remodel process 7 wm Heather T ring remodel 8

We also had two leftover bits that were next to the monogram on the original ring. We opted to turn these into stud earrings, and made them into a little tear-drop shapes. They are sweet and suitable for everyday wear. Every portion of the original ring was used and can be cherished for many more generations to come!!!
wm Heather T remodel ring 1 wm Heather T remodel ring 2 wm Heather T remodel ring 3 wm Heather T remodel ring 5 wm Heather T remodel ring 6 wm Heather T remodel ring 8 wm Heather T remodel ring 9

In Heather’s words: “They took my Dad’s ring which I inherited after his death and turned it into a perfect union of my own and of his. It has always been passed down to the first males of the family and I was the first girl to get it as I am the only child and adopted at that! We took it and transformed it into a ring that reflected the heritage of the past generations and incorporated into a more modern and feminine ring for the first women to get it in our families history. It became an experience I will never forget and I will always go back to them”.

Thank you Heather for allowing us to transform this beautiful legacy into something that honors the past and embraces the future!